Managed Portfolio statements still distinctive in the Canadian marketplace: Dalbar

Wednesday, 06 February 2008 – Managed Portfolios continue to develop momentum in both the U.S. and Canadian Financial Services Industry. With statements being one of the most important communication channels between a firm and their investors, companies must ensure the statement is clear, user-friendly and comprehensive. Dalbar found the results from this study demonstrate Managed Portfolio statements lead the industry in each of these components. Nearly fifty-percent of firms participating in the study used industry benchmarking to provide relevance to rates of return, setting Managed Portfolio statements ahead of other industry statements. Compared to the same study in 2006, progress is duly noted, however there is still room for improvement. Rounding out the top five statement producers in this study were:

  1. Franklin Templeton Quotential
  2. AGF Elements
  3. AGF Harmony
  4. Dynamic Marquis
  5. National Bank Meritage

�Dalbar offers our congratulations to Franklin Templeton Investments for their number one ranking Quotential statement� said Alex Draghici, Analyst at Dalbar. The statement is truly top notch, seizing the coveted �Excellent� designation with a score of 86.61 out of a possible 100 points. This year�s accomplishment makes the Quotential statement a three-peat winner, producing a number one ranking statement in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

AGF is also awarded a clear distinction for producing the second and third ranking statements in 2008, with their Elements and Harmony statements respectively. �This is the first year AGF�s Elements statement has been included in the rankings and Dalbar is pleased to award the statement with an �Excellent� designation.� said Alex Draghici, Analyst at Dalbar.

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