TitlePLUS(R) program offers bilingual services

TORONTO, Feb. 4 2008 – Consumers and lawyers seeking information on title insurance or the TitlePLUS title insurance program now have access to bilingual (French- and English-speaking) TitlePLUS customer service representatives.

“Providing bilingual services reflects our commitment to being a national provider of title insurance,” said Chris March, TitlePLUS National Sales Manager. “We are continually enhancing the range of services and support we offer to those interested in learning more about our title insurance program, as well as to existing subscribers and policyholders. We are pleased that we can now better address the needs of the French-speaking communities across the country, by offering access via our call centre to bilingual TitlePLUS lawyers.”

About title insurance

TitlePLUS title insurance is a form of insurance that provides consumers with compensation for losses suffered from title issues, even if they are not discovered until years after the sale is completed. Risks covered by title insurance include unpredictable or undetectable issues such as forgery, fraud, missing heirs, unregistered rights-of-way and other issues that can affect rights of ownership.

TitlePLUS insurance offers home buyers insurance coverage for both the title-related aspects of a transaction and the legal services provided by a lawyer. It also protects buyers and lenders under the same policy (and for the same premium).(1) For homeowners concerned about the increased incidence of mortgage and title frauds, the TitlePLUS program also provides fraud coverage. In addition, through the TitlePLUS OwnerEXPRESS(R) program, current home owners can secure title insurance protection against title-related risks and fraud.

TitlePLUS title insurance was developed by Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO(R)), a wholly Canadian-owned insurance company providing title insurance and professional liability insurance in the Canadian marketplace. TitlePLUS insurance is the only all-Canadian and the only Bar-related(R) title insurance product available in Canada today. It is being used by more than 4,000 lawyers across Canada to better protect their home buyer/owner clients. In 2007, the TitlePLUS program celebrated its 10th anniversary. http://www.titleplus.ca/