MapInfo Case Study: James River Insurance Company

James River Insurance needed a better way to monitor risk accumulation and to proactively assess the potential impact of claims events in real-time in order to mobilize claims resources and serve their customers� needs.

James River Insurance selected location intelligence solutions from MapInfo to improve its underwriting practices, analyze potential catastrophe patterns and enhance its catastrophe management and claims response practices.

�We have used MapInfo since the company�s inception but initially only to create maps�a picture generator to show people where we write. We knew about the power of the technology though and decided to take it to the next level and have it play a more prominent and important role in claims management� Brian Haney, Vice President, Chief Actuary.

Coming to the Rescue after Hurricane Katrina James River Insurance also incorporated MapInfo location intelligence into its claims processes. Standard practice has been to download the projected paths of a storm from NOAA, and then overlay its impending path on a digital map with the locations of its insured properties. By using this approach, James River Insurance was also able to greatly improve the speed of the claims process for its policyholders.

For more details about the use of Location Intelligence by James River Insurance, read the case study


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