Conning Research: Successful Small Life Companies Share Winning Strategies

Hartford, CT, January 7, 2008 – A number of successful small life companies continue to thrive despite consolidation in the market, according to a new study by Conning Research and Consulting.

“Small life insurers are often regional players that serve an important role in their communities, or serve niche markets that are commonly overlooked by larger companies,” said Terence Martin, vice president at Conning Research & Consulting. “Their ability to survive and thrive can also point to strategies that may be appropriate for companies of any size.”

The Conning Research study, “Successful Small Life Companies: Remaining Nimble in a Supersized World” analyzes small companies as a group, and identifies the key characteristics of successful small life companies—both strategic and operational.

“In addition to a broader review of all small life insurers, our study identifies and analyzes ten highly successful small life insurers, and some common traits emerge from the work,” said Stephan Christiansen, director of research at Conning. “Most of these companies have a greater focus on ordinary life, have a sustainable niche, and cross-sell effectively, with resulting higher than average premium growth. They adjust their investment strategies appropriately, and capture what efficiencies in operations that they can.”

“Successful Small Life Companies: Remaining Nimble in a Supersized World” is available for purchase from Conning Research & Consulting, by calling (888) 707-1177 or by visiting the company’s web site at

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