Calling for Volunteers to Help with CSIO 2008 Forms Workgroup

We are pleased to announce that the 2007 CSIO Forms Ballot has now been completed with 79% of our members responding. The CSIO Forms Workgroup is comprised of Brokers, Vendors and Insurance Company representatives that volunteer their time to work on our common goal: to enhance the workflow of the Independent Broker distribution channel. Last year the workgroup met five times during the year and completed the update or creation of 25 CSIO forms.

CSIO also enlisted the Law Firm of Ogilvy Renault�s Insurance specialist Paul Prosterman to complete a long awaited legal review of CSIO forms with respect to the Privacy and Consent sections.

With many thanks to our volunteer members, to Paul Prosterman and to the industry legal expert members of the IBC Privacy workgroup, we can confirm that the following forms have passed ballot.

  • Habitational National Application
  • Farm Application
  • Farm Chemicals Supplement
  • Farm Machinery Supplement
  • Farm Live Stock Supplement
  • Structures and Contents Supplement
  • Farm Premium Summary Supplement
  • Personal Articles Supplement
  • Watercraft and Trailer Supplement
  • Habitational Policy Change Request
  • Habitational Insurance Binder
  • Habitational Premium Summary Supplement
  • Personal Lines Umbrella Application
  • Mobile Home Supplement
  • Vacation Trailer Supplement
  • Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire
  • Sewer Backup Questionnaire
  • Auto Loss Notice
  • Property Loss Notice
  • Commercial Insurance Application
  • Commercial Package Application
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Payment Authorization Form H1
  • Payment Authorization Form H1 – Credit Card
  • Payment Authorization Form H1 – PAC

We have started the process of programming the fillable feature and the French translation. Once completed, they will be posted to our website and available to our members:

CSIO fillable forms provide our members with three levels of added value. Members with the FREE Adobe reader may view and print blank or filled forms. Those users that desire to save the complete customer application data can find on our website a link to download the Adobe writer or use the optional software link to find more competitively priced products such as the new PDFFill editor product.

For our Vendor and/or Insurer members in development of the CSIO Forms, we provide unlocked PDF or Corel Draw versions upon request. Our forms website also contains all forms mapped to the EDI Standard, a useful tool for either trading partner.

On Wednesday January 30, 2008 CSIO will kick off the 2008 Forms Workgroup work plan. If you are interested in becoming a CSIO volunteer, please contact Joy Martin, Senior Standards Analyst/Administration/Operations, CSIO (416) 360-1773 X 2324 (800) 463-2746 X 2324 Fax: (416) 364-1482 [email protected]