Top 3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Legacy Claims System: White Paper from Guidewire Software

Every insurance carrier�s financial performance depends heavily on its claims organization, and increasingly so in a soft market.

However, when it comes to investments in modern systems, claims departments have too often been overlooked and now lack the tools they need to impact bottom line performance. Continuing to postpone legacy replacement is rapidly approaching a crisis situation for many carriers. This situation is made worse by the shrinking pool of IT professionals who have the knowledge to support existing legacy systems, and by the inadequacy of aging systems to support today�s needs for claims adjusting performance, efficiency and improved customer service. The time for waiting has ended.

This paper considers the three top reasons why carriers should replace their legacy claims systems:

  • Adapt to “brain drain”
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve customer service

Learn more about the top 3 reasons to take action now with a free whitepaper from Guidewire Software. Take Action Now! Order your copy today.

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