ESIS offers workers compensation oversight to Canadian companies

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 5, 2007 – ESIS, Inc., a risk management services company of ACE USA, has announced that it will provide dedicated Canadian workers compensation oversight to its clients through its affiliate, ESIS Canada, Inc. ESIS Canada, Inc. will offer reporting services for all new claims to the appropriate Provincial Workers Compensation Board (WCB), including assistance with the filing of all WCB forms. Also included are added-value services for claims management best practices and claims data management, expanded or alternative treatment options for claimants, return to work and light-duty consultation, and review and referral of suspected fraudulent activities.

The announcement comes as ESIS prepares to participate in the upcoming 16th Annual National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference and Expo in Chicago, which brings together risk management and insurance professionals from all industries, and showcases innovative and unique aspects of cutting-edge risk management and workers’ compensation initiatives.

According to Steve Lulewicz, Assistant Vice President, ESIS Global Claims Operations, “We’re pleased to provide a service to the Canadian market that will offer Canadian employees and employers added value in managing their workers compensation programs. This new service can complement the relationship our clients already have with the Provincial Workers Compensation Boards, and benefit all stakeholders in their respective programs.”

Mr. Lulewicz adds: “ESIS’ centralized office in Toronto opened in 2006, and is staffed by experienced Canadian claims professionals. ESIS Canada leverages technology to enable risk managers to track the status of claims and view reports that aggregate incidents and outcomes to help identify regions of highest claim activity. Focused on Canadian operations and Canadian claims, ESIS Canada works collaboratively to help our clients identify and overcome the Canadian industry and regulatory issues they face, and provide programs and services to help mitigate risks and reduce losses.”

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