La Capitale General Insurance partners with Michelin to increase safety awareness on wintry roads

QUEBEC, Oct. 19, 2007 – Each year in Quebec, we experience unusual winters with roads that are sometimes quite difficult to handle due to the accumulation of snow or the notorious well-hidden black ice. This is why La Capitale General Insurance and Michelin have joined forces to encourage better, safer winter driving on our roads.

Safety and myths

Based on your knowledge, would a four-wheel-drive vehicle require winter tires if such is used primarily in the city as opposed to a rural area? Many questions of this nature can be tricky with respect to the role that winter tires usually play. Take a moment to visit and test your knowledge on the use of winter tires.


As an insurer, La Capitale General Insurance feels a sense of responsibility towards the safety of Quebecers, and wishes to take part in any effort aimed at reducing the number of automobile accidents, which in turn protects the life of drivers and their passengers. Of course, an insurer’s main role is to compensate and support its clients when they do sustain a loss. However, La Capitale chooses to push its role further by seeing to the safety of all, the moment they take the wheel during the winter months.


It is not only essentiel to equip your vehicle with winter tires, it is also essential to choose GOOD tires. Therefore, with the purchase of four new winter tires before November 30th, 2007, Michelin will give back $50 to its customer. If the latter has an automobile insurance policy with La Capitale General Insurance, he or she will receive an additional $50. If the buyer of Michelin tires is not yet a La Capitale client, he or she will have until February 29, 2008 to purchase automobile insurance from this insurer. For more information, visit or one of the 1500 Michelin retailers in Quebec.

About La Capitale General Insurance:
La Capitale General Insurance, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2006, ranks within the five largest insurers in Quebec. In 2006, the company was awarded the title of Best Employer of the year, for the second time in four years, within the context of the Best Employer Challenge, large firms’ category. La Capitale General Insurance employs close to 800 individuals, providing services through a network of 22 branches throughout the province, in addition to a wide and exclusive network of affiliated agents. Including their wholly-owned subsidiary, L’Unique General Insurance, total written premium volume is $435 million. .