IPD Advances Workplace Efficiency in Insurance

IBM Information On Demand – LAS VEGAS – October 15, 2007 – As a leading provider of Content and Process Management solutions for the Insurance industry, Image Process Design, Inc. (IPD) is pleased to announce their fourth generation application, code named EXIMYS. Since 1991, IPD has been the trusted partner of large North American Health and Life Insurance companies for their unique industry expertise and specialized application software. EXIMYS, built on IBM�s FileNetP8 platform, has proven functionality that optimizes most major Insurance business processes in more than 20 different lines of business, including; claims, enrollment, case management, underwriting, customer service and more.

Many leading Insurance companies already rely on IPD to leverage IBM content and process platforms to more effectively automate mission-critical work processes. IPD significantly improves operational efficiencies, reduces cycle times, increases service levels and quality.

Developed on IPD�s advanced framework and IBM�s FileNet P8 platform, EXIMYS is an out-of-the-box Content Enabled Vertical Application (CEVA) that allows you to realize immediate business benefits from your investment in the FileNet P8 platform. EXIMYS provides:

  • Proven, packaged applications: EXIMYS has all of the advantages of fully packaged software; support, upgrades, and most importantly referenceability. EXIMYS delivers optimized Integrated Desktops for each targeted line of business, a comprehensive library of industry specific software services, and best practice process flows that fully leverage the power of the FileNet P8 platform.
  • Scalability and Performance: EXIMYS has been designed, developed and tested to meet stringent performance metrics that ensure scalability to the highest levels.
  • Open Architecture / Integration: EXIMYS has been designed with an openServices Oriented Architecture (SOA) to allow IPD clients to enhance the solution, integrate it with legacy applications, or to quickly react to changing business requirements.
  • Guaranteed ROI with low risk: Through IPD�s proven implementation methodology, industry best practices, and proven software, EXIMYS allows you to achieve your ROI much faster than a traditional custom software build approach. IPD lowers your risk by providing software that has been architected and deployed, over a span of 15 years, at many of North America�s largest insurance companies.

�IPD has spent years working with our customers to develop specialized methods for understanding current line of business operations and success metrics,� said Steven Racine, CEO at IPD. �The resulting effort is our newest application, EXIMYS. Only through complete and thorough process understanding and depth of functionality, can our clients ensure that they are not forced to �revert back to paper� for segments of their operations � destroying the expected ROI. As with everything we do, our commitment to our customers� success comes first.�

About IPD

Since 1991, Image Process Design, Inc. has addressed the Insurance industry�s need for accurate, efficient decision making with packaged, cost-effective software solutions with business-specific functionality. IPD uniquely addresses these business needs for large insurers with out of the box software solutions that can be configured and rapidly deployed with immediate payback. Today, IPD�s products continue this tradition of low-risk, proven solutions, now leveraging IBM�s P8 platform. For more information, please visit: www.ipdsolution.com.