LOMA releases new online version of selection tool

ATLANTA, GA�OCTOBER 1, 2007�LOMA, the leading trade association to the insurance and financial services industry, introduces the online version of LOMASelect® � ASSET, a unique assessment tool designed for the selection and development of candidates to become first-level leaders within organizations. The online version of LOMASelect® – ASSET saves time during the administration process, has an automated scoring feature, and has an updated look and feel.

�We�re excited to be offering the new online version of LOMASelect® � ASSET� stated Barbara Kruse, second vice president, Employee Assessment and Selection Products. �ASSET has proven to be a valuable assessment and development tool for our clients, and we are pleased to offer them a new online version to help ease the administration and scoring process.�

Through extensive statistical analyses and research, LOMA develops employee assessments that are tested, refined, and validated for the insurance and financial services industry. By utilizing LOMASelect® � ASSET, companies are able to select supervisors who have specific skills to effectively lead others. In addition, LOMASelect® – ASSET can help companies groom potential employees to take on a supervisor role.

By using LOMASelect® � ASSET, companies can receive valuable information to make effective hiring and training decisions. To experience the new online version of LOMASelect® – ASSET, please e-mail [email protected].


Established in 1924, with 1,200 plus member companies in over 80 countries, LOMA is committed to a business partnership with its world-wide members in the insurance and financial services industry to improve their management and operations through quality employee development, research, information sharing, and related products and services. To find out more about LOMA and the learning opportunities it offers, visit LOMA’s Web site at www.loma.org.