Xactware Announces The General Release Of Xactimate 25

September 27, 2007�Orem, Utah� Xactware announced the general release of Xactimate 25, the latest version of the repair and restoration industry�s number-one estimating software.

Xactimate 25 has been significantly redesigned with a host of new features and a significantly simplified interface.

More Power

Here are just a few of the hundreds of the new power-features in Xactimate 25:

  • Summary window: A revamped and enhanced Summary window allows users to estimate in multiple rooms of an estimate at the same time. It�s now easier than ever to select rooms, enter dimensions, and edit estimates from the Summary window.
  • Language support: Language packs allow customers to use English, French, or Spanish. Users can estimate in one language and print reports in another or simply toggle between languages.
  • Merging Estimates: Estimators can merge multiple estimates into one final estimate. For example, estimators working on separate condominium units in a complex can merge their files together to create a single estimate.
  • Enhanced Estimate Views: Estimators can now see all their estimates in one SmartList, even when estimating with profiles for a variety of different clients. In addition, Project SmartList Filters allow users to see only what the want to see. Users can save their commonly used filters.
  • Custom Coverages: Estimators can now customize coverages to reflect specific policies. For each coverage, users can specify limit, deductible, and reserve and add as much data as needed.

Easier to Use

Xactimate 25 proves it is possible to increase power and make the software easier to use.

  • Dashboard: A new dashboard puts all commonly used Xactimate tools on a single window. This allows users to quickly manage estimates and price lists, create or edit estimates, and to send or receive estimates or price lists.
  • Communications: The communication program estimators use to send and receive assignments and to download pricing information is now completely integrated into Xactimate.
  • Estimation: Xactimate 25 has more estimation options that help users perform complex estimating calculations, often with a single click. Plumbing, insulation, and HVAC, are among the one-click wizards available in Xactimate 25. A new Deck tool makes drawing and estimating exterior decks fast and simple.

�Since its inception over 20 years ago, Xactimate has been our flagship product and over the years it has become the property insurance industry�s leading program for structural estimation,� said Jim Loveland, Xactware President and CEO. �We are extremely excited about the latest enhancements in Xactimate 25 and are confident that they will continue to provide our customers with the innovative advancements they have come to expect.�

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