Health Care in Canada 2007-A new direction for a familiar health information resource: CIHI

September 20, 2007 – Today, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released its eighth annual Health Care in Canada. This year’s report offers a compendium focusing on key health care issues in order to serve as a helpful reference tool for health care decision-makers and Canadians. Health Care in Canada’s new, more concise format provides an overview of key analytic work undertaken at CIHI and elsewhere as it relates to CIHI’s priority research areas:

  • Health care financing: Canada spent an estimated $148 billion on health services in 2006. This section looks at how the system is financed and what we are paying for.
  • Health human resources: About 1 in 10 Canadians work in health and social services. This segment provides a profile on Canada’s health care providers—who they are, where they are from, migration patterns and changes in the work they do, as well as the well-being of health care workers.
  • Quality of care and patient safety: From heart attack survival to problems with medications, this section outlines what we know and don’t know about the quality of health care and patient safety in Canada.
  • Access to care: Seeing a doctor, insurance for drugs and dental care, wait times for surgery— this section provides up-to-date information on Canadians’ access to a wide range of health services.
  • Population Health: Patterns of health and disease are largely a consequence of where and how we learn, live, work and play. This section examines the relationship between place and health, including variations in health by neighbourhood income and how different aspects of our lives affect physical activity, what we eat and other factors that influence how healthy we are.

“Health Care in Canada 2007” (HCIC 2007) is the eighth in a series of annual reports on Canada’s health care system. This year, Health Care in Canada offers readers a new format and focused content. HCIC 2007 provides a review of key analytic work undertaken at CIHI that highlights CIHI’s health care research priorities (access, quality of care, outcomes of care, heath human resources, funding/costs/productivity, etc.). Also included in this report is a review of seminal national and international health care research as it maps on to these health care priorities. HCIC 2007 is an important tool for health car researchers, persons involved in strategic decision-making in health care, the media and Canadians in general to identify current priorities in health care.

Health Care in Canada 2007: Request report or download pdf.

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