Online Video Strategy Hinges on Content: eMarketer

Clips can engage prospects, but how?

SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 – A lack of content is keeping some marketers from developing an online video strategy, according to a PermissionTV poll of advertising, branding and marketing executives.

Three in 10 respondents said they either wanted to develop a strategy but lacked content or had compelling content but were unsure how to leverage it. One thing that respondents did not lack, however, was enthusiasm.

“Web-based video is becoming an essential element in the marketing mix,” said Jonathan Sackett, chief digital officer of Arnold Worldwide, in a statement. “It provides a unique channel to engage customers, offering unlimited viral potential and interactivity.”

A majority of respondents said they wanted a video strategy to engage their prospects.

The lack of direction is understandable, given the variety of online videos and online video advertisements.

Working with online video often means working on new types of creative. That may mean using five-second or longer spots running after the content. But there is a danger that the audience might simply skip those spots.

One alternative is to run in-page video ads against non-video content. There is more inventory, and it is less intrusive than pre-roll or other streaming ad formats. But marketers do risk being less engaging.

While the experimentation continues, online video ads are becoming commonplace. Eight out of 10 online video viewers in an Online Publishers Association-OTX study said they had seen an online video ad.

Online video ads will often need to be more entertaining than TV commercials. Instead of giving away free content for watching ads, marketers will offer a less transparent deal: “If you watch our ads, you’ll have fun.”

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