Rhodes & Williams Ltd.: Canadian Brokerage of Interest to American Insurance Community?

First ever interview on IMMS�s �Inside Track� with Rhodes & Williams – a Neighbour to the North

Ottawa, ON, July 30, 2007: IMMS was founded in 1973, but in July 2007 it conducted it�s first ever interview with a Canadian Brokerage on it�s weekly member news, �The Inside Track�!

(To listen to the interview with slides and audio for 29 minutes, click here.)

�I have been talking with George, IMMS founder, for quite some time about working more closely with his Canadian members, to tailor a program that suits our marketplace as well,� says Cory Young, Vice-President of Rhodes & Williams Ltd. �Showing an interest by performing its first ever interview with our Canadian Brokerage is a huge step in that direction.�

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George Nordhaus, founder of IMMS confides, �In the past we have neglected our neighbours to the North. Although our management and marketing information is applicable to all of our over 1200 members, the programs have not suited members outside of the U.S. We will continue to look in to how we can better serve the Canadian marketplace.”

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Rhodes & Williams Ltd. (RW Insurance) is an Ottawa Insurance brokerage with operations in Toronto and international capabilities, representing one of the largest locally owned insurance brokerages in Eastern Ontario. More at http://www.rhodeswilliams.com/