Salentica Systems Announces Hosted, On-Demand Service “Salentica FASTRAK” CRM

Toronto, ON (July 11, 2007) — Salentica Systems Inc., a leading provider of Client Management Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, announced today the launch of a hosted version of its suite of CRM products for financial services. Building on the success of Salentica’s powerful on-premise solutions, Salentica FASTRAK delivers a low-risk, hosted client relationship management, with little or no up-front investment.

The new offering addresses the client management requirements of a multitude of wealth management firms, financial product wholesalers, insurance and institutional brokers. No matter their size or location, firms can access the robust capabilities of the on-premise solution, on an expedited and hosted basis. This on-demand service has been designed to meet the needs of the many small and medium-sized financial services firms who don’t want the expense of managing their own systems internally.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salentica’s purpose-built solutions delivered on a hosted basis reduce configuration and customization, resulting in faster start-up. The suite of Salentica products works within Microsoft Office Outlook, which allows for fast start up and quick user adoption. Salentica FASTRAK allows for lower cost of entry, reduced risk and rapid deployment of new services and new users.

Salentica FASTRAK offers several options, ranging from an out-of-the-box, single application to fully configurable single or multi tenant scalable modules. By combining on-premise and hosted solution, financial services companies have the flexibility to manage resources appropriately across all their geographies and/or departments.

Bill Rourke, President of Salentica, said, “With continued merger activity and the need for global flexibility, financial services firms are seeking on-demand solutions with custom delivery to end users. Salentica FASTRAK will allow their costs to match their usage, while removing upfront capital costs and the need for IT support. We are excited to put a stake in the ground with Salentica FASTRAK and will continue to roll out new complementary products. As demand increases, our entire suite of products will be available on a Salentica FASTRAK basis.”

Salentica FASTRAK is run from a Tier 1, SAS 70 Certified data center, with fully redundant power and network capabilities. “Salentica’s FASTRAK delivers what financial services customers have long been asking for from their CRM vendors — a software-plus-services offering that allows for maximum flexibility, coupled with a familiar, easy-to-use interface,” said Rich Feldmann, managing director for Microsoft’s U.S. Financial Services Group. “By building on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salentica helps vertically extend the functionality of the platform, creating powerful solutions that the marketplace demands.”

About Salentica Systems Inc.:

Salentica provides client management solutions for buy- and sell-side financial service firms, built around the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Salentica extends the platform by creating purpose-built components to address specific needs of the financial services market. Salentica’s customer base includes many of North America’s largest financial services firms in financial product wholesaling, investment banks, institutional asset management, private wealth management, retail brokerage and insurance.