AXA Expands Offerings To Include Customized Art Insurance Products, Related Services

MONTREAL, July 5, 2007 — AXA recently announced plans to expand its service offerings in Canada. Effective immediately, the company is making available a comprehensive portfolio of customized art insurance products and related services to meet the growing demands of individual art collectors, museums, galleries, corporations, galleries, trusts, traveling exhibitions, and artists in the Canadian marketplace.

Building on the successes and expertise of AXA Art, the Group’s global art insurance specialist, AXA is offering in Canada customized policies to insure objects in every active area of serious collecting, from paints, drawings, and sculpture to rare stamps and coins, antique furnishings, decorative art objects, vintage wine, rare books, vintage vehicles, and emerging collectibles.

AXA’s relationships with preferred Canadian-based brokers will play a key role in service delivery. Canadian consumers will benefit from the synergistic relationship between AXA Art and the various entities of AXA in Canada. This relationship paves the way for access to an extensive art and insurance knowledge base backed by the AXA brand. Enhanced service benefits will be augmented by the proficiency of 50 art historians combined with the expertise of renowned curators, appraisers, shippers, handlers, and tax consultants around the world. In addition, AXA Art’s global relationships extend its competencies to information and guidance on art display, restoration, loss prevention, security, fire protection, market valuation, proactive planning, and instant disaster recovery.

In Canada, the company’s art insurance product and service offerings will include:

  • Broad, all-risk worldwide coverage.
  • Large and small capacity insurance.
  • Blanket location coverage.
  • Automatic coverage on newly acquired property of up to 25% of total policy limit within a 90-day reporting obligation.
  • Claims processing.
  • Evaluations that assess the current market values of clients’ collections.
  • Loss-prevention advice and disaster planning.
  • Transportation, shipping, and handling consultation.
  • Fine art collection schedules (inventory and values of all items in your collection).
  • Curatorial and collection management services.

About AXA in Canada:

AXA is a world leader in financial protection, with its primary business activities in Western Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific Region. Present throughout Canada with 2,250 employees and approximately 4,000 brokers and advisors, AXA offers its clients a broad range of property/casualty and life insurance products designed to help protect against unforeseeable risks, build wealth, and assist in facing their future financially with peace of mind. In 2006, AXA Canada’s sales amounted to CAN$1.6 billion and its managed assets were CAN$3.3 billion. For more information, visit

About AXA Art Insurance:

AXA Art’s global presence is manifested through its international offices with headquarters in Cologne and offices in Brussels, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Zurich, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The company insures objects in every active area of serious collecting, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, rare stamps, antique furnishings, and vintage vehicles. AXA Art serves a wide range of clients, from first-time purchasers to the world’s most respected collectors, as well as individual artists, museums, galleries, corporations, and public exhibitions. For more information, visit