Now Available: Handbook of International Insurance Markets Between Global Dynamics and Local Contingencies

The book analyzes key trends in the insurance industry in more than 15 important national insurance markets that represent over 90 percent of world insurance premiums. Well-known academics from each country examine their own national insurance markets, including the competitive structure, product and service innovations, and regulatory developments. The book provides academics and executives with an unprecedented range of information about today’s insurance markets.

Each national insurance market chapter follows more or less the same structure:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Regulation
  • Presentation of the insurance companies
  • Presentation of the insurance products
  • Insurance company performance (costs, technical, financial results)
  • Description of some key insurance actors, especially leading firms
  • Distribution channels
  • Future trends
  • Conclusion.

The markets or areas covered are (in order of appearance): USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, China, India, various other European countries in European chapter, South-Africa, various countries in South-East Asia, Brazil.

Chapter 8, entitled “A Descriptive Analysis of Canadian Insurance Markets,” was co-authored by Dr. Gilles Bernier from Laval University and Dr. Alli Nathan from Providence College (formally from University of Calgary and Nyenrode University)

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