CSIO Focus Group Presses Forward with Standards

Toronto, Ontario, 21 June 2007 – CSIO’s 5th Annual Focus Group, representing insurers, brokers and vendor system companies, reached consensus issuing the following strategic statement.

“It is absolutely vital that insurers and broker management system vendors continue to move forward with the adoption and implementation of CSIO Standards.”

These standards are building blocks for single entry data capture in broker offices as well as “real time” transfer of data between brokers and their insurer partners. Adoption and implementation of the XML Standards would be a quantum leap forward in the competitive advantage of the broker distribution channel.

All agreed that the immediate priority be on small business package policies based on the adoption and use of the CSIO Commercial Insurance Application Package Policy Form and Package Policy Supplement.

For more information contact Steve Kaukinen, CSIO President at [email protected]

About CSIO

The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) is Canada’s national standards organization supporting the property and casualty insurance companies, broker management system vendors and independent insurance brokers. Since 1981 CSIO has been dedicated to improving efficiencies in the independent broker distribution channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of industry standards for EDI, XML and forms design. CSIO provides services nationally in both French and English with offices in Montreal and Toronto. For more information please go to our website www.csio.com.