Vancouver Film Industry – New Locally Owned and Operated Focus Insurance

VANCOUVER, B.C., June 6 2007 — British Columbia has finally got its own locally-owned and operated insurance brokerage firm exclusively servicing the film industry. David Hamilton, the senior film insurance broker in Western Canada, recently established FOCUS Entertainment Insurance Brokers Inc. ( )with his long-time associate Bob Adams. David and Bob have serviced the film community in Western Canada for a combined 45 years.

FOCUS Entertainment’s services are vital to the Film Industry, as proper film insurance is required in order to obtain film financing. Producers rely on FOCUS Entertainment’s expertise and experience to ensure that their financial investors are secure. “We arrange film insurance for feature films, television series, documentaries, commercials and movies-of-the-week, among other productions. Film production insurance includes coverage for the cast; special effects and stunts; props, sets and wardrobes; rented filming equipment and vehicles; locations; and the negative. We also provide errors & omissions ( E & O ) coverage to insure the project when it is in distribution or while being broadcast.” said David Hamilton, President, FOCUS Entertainment Insurance.

“We’ve insured pretty much anything you see in a movie: car chases; fights; fire balls; exotic animals; spectacular sets; movie stars and their wardrobes and many things going on behind the camera that you don’t see,” said Hamilton.

Although FOCUS Entertainment works with Producers across Canada, it’s primary goal is to service the Vancouver Film Industry, Calgary Film Industry and Edmonton Film Industry. With film production rapidly growing throughout Western Canada, Focus Entertainment Insurance Brokers Inc, is a welcomed addition to the British Columbia and Alberta Film Communities.

About Focus Entertainment Insurance

Focus Entertainment Insurance Brokers Inc is British Columbia’s only locally-owned and operated insurance brokerage firm exclusively servicing the film industry.