L.J. Gosselin & Associates announces a Tuition Reimbursement Program from Echelon General Insurance Company

May 2007 — L.J. Gosselin & Associates are pleased they are now able to offer Echelon General Insurance Company’s Tuition Reimbursement Program to brokers.

The Tuition Reimbursement Program product provides a partial reimbursement to the parents or guardians of the student of the non recoverable tuition fees in the event their child is not able to finish the school year due to:

  1. Medical Absence or Withdrawal or
  2. Non Medical Withdrawal due to Death or Financial Reverses of the main wage earning parent or guardian

Both as defined in the policy.

There is no individual underwriting on this product as it is a mandatory group product, in which all students must participate. The premium for this coverage is just a fraction of the gross non recoverable tuition fees payable by the parent or guardian. The price will make it easy for school trustees to make the decision to add the coverage on a mandatory basis.

The product also includes a renewal credit endorsement that enables the school with premiums over $35,000 to be rewarded for their prior year’s favourable loss experience.

The coverage is underwritten by Echelon General Insurance Company and administered by L.J. Gosselin & Associates. 1-800-661-3448 or [email protected]

About L.J. Gosselin & Associates

L.J. Gosselin & Associates has been an Insurance/reinsurance wholesaler since 1988. They offer products in a number of specialty areas including High risk/limits for Personal Accident & Disability, Group Creditor Insurance through TPAs and financial institutions, Contingency Insurance, Sports Insurance etc. For more information, contact them at 1-800-661-3448 or [email protected]

About Echelon Insurance

Echelon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EGI Financial Holdings Inc. Echelon is a federally registered insurer, licensed to transact business in all jurisdictions in Canada, and currently underwrites all of EGI’s insurance business. Based on 2005 direct written premiums, Echelon is currently Canada’s 47th largest over-all and 23rd largest automobile insurance company and management believes that it is the third largest non-standard automobile insurance carrier in Canada. More information at echelon-insurance.ca.