Policy Works Launches Certified Data-Exchange Partner Program

Calgary, Alberta – April 23rd, 2007 — Policy Works Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its Certified Data-Exchange Partner Program. The Certified Data-Exchange Partner Program recognizes insurers who have worked in partnership with Policy Works Inc. to ensure accurate transfer of commercial lines information.

The program focuses on three key areas: standards, verification and security. Certified partners must be committed to implementing the CSIO commercial XML standards and to working closely with Policy Works Inc. through all stages of analysis, development, testing and roll-out. The program benefits brokers by giving them confidence that their data will be transferred properly to certified partners.

“Commercial lines is inherently more complicated and less standardized than personal lines, which means that vendors and insurers need to work in close partnership to ensure accurate, reliable, and secure data-exchange,” says Kevin Campbell, President of Policy Works Inc. “Our Certified Data-Exchange Partner Program identifies insurer partners committed to jointly meeting the highest standards of commercial-lines data transfer.”

More information on the Policy Works Certified Data-Exchange Partner Program can be found at www.policyworks.com/solutions/cdep.aspx

About Policy Works Inc.

Since 1992, Policy Works Inc. has been leading the development of Commercial Management Systems (CMS) for the Canadian insurance industry. Policy Works streamlines the commercial-lines workflow to manage the entire policy lifecycle efficiently and effectively.