Edenvale Restoration Specialists Ltd. and Woodhouse Contracting Ltd. Merge to Form EW Disaster Kleenup L.P.; All are Disaster Kleenup Members

Mississauga, Ontario, April 05, 2007 – Disaster Kleenup International Canada Ltd. (�Disaster Kleenup�), the largest network of restoration contractors in the country, is pleased to announce the first-ever merger of two member companies by way of a Canadian-based private equity group.

Edenvale Restoration Specialists Ltd. (�Edenvale�) and Woodhouse Contracting Ltd. (�Woodhouse�), two of Disaster Kleenup�s members serving British Columbia and Southern Ontario, have teamed with TorQuest Partners in a partnership under the new entity EW Disaster Kleenup L.P. (�EW�). �It is a compliment that TorQuest views Disaster Kleenup members as viable businesses in which to invest,� says Matt Johnson, CEO of Disaster Kleenup. �The name change to EW Disaster Kleenup L.P. demonstrates the confidence TorQuest has in Disaster Kleenup as a recognized national force in the property damage insurance restoration industry and a base for future expansion.�

Disaster Kleenup was made aware by Edenvale and Woodhouse of their intentions to expand through TorQuest; in fact, Disaster Kleenup�s Board of Directors and the entire membership approved EW�s reapplication for membership in Disaster Kleenup.

As EW looks to grow, Disaster Kleenup members can now include EW as an option in their succession planning, allowing them to structure their businesses accordingly. Expansion into more remote markets will also be possible through acquisitions by EW, adding to Disaster Kleenup�s ongoing membership development campaign. �Our insurance and corporate customers will benefit knowing that Disaster Kleenup will retain the offices and service delivery systems it has developed and continues to build for them as opposed to members selling to a competitor,� says Mr. Johnson.

TorQuest has built a reputation on being able to recognize proven management teams and to build on those companies� successes through financial commitments. � TorQuest�s involvement as a member of Disaster Kleenup will add a unique skill set that will further strengthen Disaster Kleenup�s position as a key player in Canada�s restoration industry,� says Mr. Johnson.

About Disaster Kleenup

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