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April, 2007 – Compucage announces the R8620-M with a new keyless design unique to enhanced physical security devices. It is available in different sizes to fit almost any notebook. This new product is ideal for high-traffic high-theft retail environments as well as mobile environments like hospital carts.

Compucage International has been offering strong, theft-deterrent products that protect computer notebooks and systems from physical loss since 1999. This Mississauga based company has provided solutions for fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and the retail operations abroad.

Since impressing the physical security market 8 years ago with innovative products such as the Benji, CompuCollar, L4000, T-Series, and the Spyder for computer systems; Compucage is poised to repeat the success with its newly introduced Compucage R8620-M.

  • The Compucage R8620-M is offering an attractive, dependable option for the retail market, how?
    • Strong and simple design ensures maximum computer protection
    • Vinyl coated to protect display models
    • Lightweight with a clean design
    • Non-port blocking, non-intrusive structure
    • Cable-free
    • Track accessory to secure multiple units
    • Easy to Install
    • When locked in the open position, the laptop cannot be closed, thus making it difficult for removal
    • Keyless design
  • What is an R8620-M ?

The R8620-M was specifically designed for high-traffic, high-theft markets. Its structure is composed of alloy steel which is a robust visual and physical deterrent. It is available in 10″, 13″, 15″ and 16 �” sizes to fit almost any notebook. The keyless design offers clients the freedom to use their own padlock and key options. One consistent key can be used to lock an unlimited number of protection devices. An optional track can be purchased to secure multiple units. This makes the R8620-M ideal to secure notebooks on hospital carts and shelving in retail, university, lab, warehouse or library environments. It is an alternative that is a stronger deterrent than the old retail security systems.

When asked why Compucage decided to launch this product, President Steve Galant answered, “We are dominating the physical security market because of our commitment to provide companies with the best possible solutions for securing their computing systems. We do this by listening to the needs of our customers and by creating innovative new products. The Compucage R8620-M is the end result of feedback from our customers who, after being satisfied with our physical computer security solutions, requested that we take care of their retail environments. We are very pleased with our product design, and our test market program has yielded very positive and encouraging results.”

About Compucage International Inc.

Compucage International Inc. is a manufacturing company that designs and builds enhanced physical security devices for computing systems. Setting the standard for a higher level of security, Compucage offers a comprehensive product line that is innovative and non-intrusive to the User in their daily activities. Compucage serves to reinvigorate the computer security market by offering realistic alternatives and fresh approaches to solving traditional issues. Compucage is the only player in its category and is rapidly becoming the Security and IT professionals preferred brand. For further information on this topic or if you have any questions please visit our website at or call toll-free 800-275-5792.