Tritech Offers Integrated Real-Time Access to Third Party Data Using SOA

Tritech Financial Systems Inc. has enhanced it�s product offering to integrate with third party providers of MVRs, auto & property claims histories, and property replacement cost calculators, using real time technology based on SOA to transfer data between Tritech�s General Insurance Management System (GIMS) and a third party supplier without having to leave GIMS and sign into each tool.

Agents, CSRs & Underwriters can access these underwriting tools while entering the policy data and interacting with clients & prospects, without having to leave GIMS. This is accomplished via an integration based on SOA (service oriented architecture) Web Services infrastructure, providing real time process integration between service providers.

Links to the services are automatically triggered while the user is entering the policy data, the requests are submitted including the necessary data from GIMS so that the user does not need to re-enter this data to complete the requests. The returning data from the third party provider automatically floods to the appropriate designated fields in the GIMS database and display on the appropriate underwriting screens, further eliminating duplicate data entry and allows for immediate system rating and underwriting acceptance decisions to be made or routed to an exceptions list based on predefined business rules. This is particularly advantageous for Call Centers and Agent Web Portal (point of sale) environments where a client can be advised immediately if they meet an insurer�s underwriting guidelines after a verbal authorization has been given to proceed with a quick quote.

The first Tritech client to benefit from this integration will be CAA Insurance Company (Ontario) who recently selected Tritech�s leading edge enterprise P&C solution �GIMS�. This new service is being made available to all of Tritech�s clients in Canada and the USA where similar real time data availability exists.

In a world where seconds and minutes can add up to substantially more dollars on costs for specific business processes & transactions, this enhancement to Tritech�s offering, keeps it on the leading edge of designing insurance business tools that save time and thus dollars to the bottom line.

About Tritech Financial Systems

A Toronto based firm, Tritech has provided enterprise technology solutions to the property & casualty insurance industry for 15 years. Tritech�s clients can be found in Canada, the USA, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Tritech’s solutions have been chosen by five of North America’s 20 largest P&C companies. Companies that benefit greatly from Tritech�s offering are P&C insurers, Reciprocals & Captives and MGA�s & Wholesale providers with underwriting authority. More information at