Tritech Financial Systems Inc. announces the release of Web Reporting Portal

April 2007 Toronto, Ontario — Tritech has enhanced it�s enterprise wide solution, GIMS (General Insurance Management System), to now include a Web Reporting Portal. High volumes of reports across every department, product line, and activity are run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and on an ad hoc basis. Some of the challenges that exist for insurer staff, managers, and executives are the secure and efficient storage of these reports, for business, audit and legal reasons, and the ease of retrieval when required later on. Tritech�s delivery of the Web Reporting Portal as an enhancement to the GIMS (General Insurance Management System) meets those challenges head on.

The Web Reporting Portal is designed to allow insurer decision makers the ability to determine who has access to what types of reports, what level of detail, the retention period, and whether a report can subsequently be saved (or not) outside of the Portal and/or routed via email. Subject to appropriately authorized access, a user can access their reports from any internet browser with a unique id and password, from any location 24 x 7. The Reporting Portal also provides access to a selection of reports which a user can run on-line.

Reports in this module are created using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and stored within a Report Content Manager on an insurer�s servers. The data can be viewed in multiple formats that include PDF, HTML, and Excel. Subject to insurer definition on what variables and how many, data within each report can by hyperlinked to the GIMS database, for example, a user could click on a policy number that is hyperlinked, and a separate browser window will open displaying policy details. The type and volume of additional detail provided is also insurer defined.

Insurers� ability to generate data and report on it, is increasing by the week. What has not necessarily kept up is the secure & efficient storage of it, and the ease of retrieval in a structured manner. Tritech�s Web Reporting Portal provides the answers to those needs.

New reports are created and tested by the insurers report analysts and can be promoted to the production system daily and become available for the Users. User access, report formats and retention requirements are defined by the report analyst, along with other security criteria. No 3rd party tools are required and all run within a normal SQL Reporting Services environment. Reports created using other tools can be incorporated, by importing in flat ascii or XML formats and presented through the Web Reporting Portal.

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A Toronto based firm, Tritech has provided enterprise technology solutions to the property & casualty insurance industry for 15 years. Tritech�s clients can be found in Canada, the USA, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Tritech’s solutions have been chosen by five of North America’s 20 largest P&C companies. Companies that benefit greatly from Tritech�s offering are P&C insurers, Reciprocals & Captives and MGA�s & Wholesale providers with underwriting authority.

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