Wawanesa Insurance includes Identity Fraud coverage at no charge

Winnipeg, March 27, 2007 – Unexplained credit card charges, collection agency visits, declined credit – all potential symptoms of identity fraud. Detecting the fraud is merely the first step for victims. There is also considerable expense involved in reversing the effects.

According to John Bjornson, VP Marketing & Property Underwriting, that is why Wawanesa Insurance has introduced “Identity Fraud Expense Coverage.” The $10,000 coverage has been applied automatically to existing Wawanesa Insurance Home, Tenant, Mobile Home, and Farm package policies at no additional premium as of March 1, 2007.

“Wawanesa and our insurance brokers are launching a campaign to help educate our customers about the realities of identity fraud so that they can reduce their risk of becoming a victim. For those who unfortunately do become a victim, we want to help ease their burden by paying for covered expenses,” he says.

Bjornson indicates the policyholder has the entire limit to use for covered expenses in any manner he or she chooses.

“From loss of wages, to the hiring of fraud mitigation specialists, the policyholder can recover expenses that matter to them. We want them to be comforted in knowing that they are covered for expenses, should they become a victim of identity fraud,” he explains.

About Wawanesa

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