Two new lines of business for RV enthusiasts along with valuable partnerships granting discounts – La Capitale General Insurance targets the watercraft and caravan/motorhome market as a stand-alone line of business

QUEBEC, March 12 2007 – La Capitale General Insurance continues its pursuit within the recreational vehicle insurance field with its RV Solutions Insurance(TM) product, by enhancing its scope to now include watercraft and caravan/motorhome insurance (all types) as a stand-alone insurance product. There is no obligation to obtain a home or automobile insurance contract in order to purchase watercraft, caravan and/or motorhome insurance. La Capitale is, once again, the first direct writer to offer such a product without an intermediary.

Everything needed for a watercraft

RV Solutions Insurance for watercrafts offers distinctive coverage to all boating enthusiasts, including :

  • The boat, its fixed equipment and its inboard and inboard/outboard motors
  • Motors, including portable fuel tanks and related equipment
  • Fixed or portable electronic and communication equipment
  • Accessories, trailers and cradles
  • Personal effects and the personal property of guests

In addition to comprehensive coverage, La Capitale General Insurance offers considerable discounts such as 15% when equipped with a tracking system and 10% when bearing antitheft markings. Furthermore, when insured with La Capitale, the navigational limits expand generously, extending all the way to the port of New York, the Gulf of St-Lawrence waters, the Great Lakes and certain Alberta lakes. A brand new and complete insurance product for all individuals with “sea legs”.

La Capitale is also proud to announce the arrival of Mr. Mario Larosée as a new affiliated agent. Mr. Larosée brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the marine insurance field. His watercraft market expertise and knowledge ensures a considerable breakthrough in this sector for La Capitale.

Tailored caravanning

Whether insurance is needed for a motorhome, a caravan and even a stationary caravan, La Capitale General Insurance offers their RV insurance without insisting on the home or automobile insurance as well. Coverage is tailored to motorhomes and to each type of caravan, accompanied by enticing discounts (e.g.: for various theft- deterrent systems, multi-vehicle, and so on).

To caravan and motorhome owners, La Capitale offers, free of charge, the benefits of CAP Roadside Assistance, a complete support system that includes roadside emergency services, personalized road itineraries and much more. For a motorhome, a premium credit is granted for the vehicle’s storage period – an exclusive benefit in this domain! Numerous other advantages are proposed based on the type of RV, such as waiver of depreciation in the event of a loss, reimbursement for the return of a travel trailer (in the event of theft or total loss affecting the towing vehicle), added personal property coverage, etc. Regardless of caravan or motorhome type, all policyholders will be enchanted by the coverage offered through La Capitale General Insurance.

Valuable partnerships… leading to discounts! is an important Internet community comprised of over 30,000 members, all of whom share the same passion for caravanning. Via the Internet site, members can discover all there is to know about their passion: current events, tips, various product information, informative newsletters, a discussion forum, and so on. The founders of the site have built a cohesive relationship with their membership through a monthly newsletter that provides various opportunities, such as Spanish courses, classified ads, etc. La Capitale General Insurance is proud to offer a 10% discount on motorhome or caravan insurance premiums to all members.

Furthermore, it is a great pleasure to announce that La Capitale has established a partnership with one of the most important independent publications in the recreational vehicle’s field, the magazine Vie en plein air. Each new policyholder who teams up with La Capitale for their motorhome or caravan insurance needs, will receive a free, one-year subscription to the Vie en plein air magazine. Here is another example of a partnership designed to provide added-value benefits to La Capitale General Insurance clients.


Last October, La Capitale General Insurance announced that they were becoming the first direct writer to target the recreational vehicles’ market with RV Solutions Insurance(TM). At the onset, this new insurance program was designed for all snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle and motorhome enthusiasts. The program now adds another notch or two to its belt, by extending its reach to all types of caravans, as well as watercrafts. Overall, this program offers a wide range of coverage tailored to each type of RV. Since its inception, the number of policyholders continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with a clientele that is more than satisfied with such an innovative product, both in terms of comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing. There is no doubt about La Capitale General Insurance being proud to offer, to all RV enthusiasts, the choice of dealing with a direct writer, without the use of an intermediary!

About La Capitale General Insurance

La Capitale General Insurance, who was celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2006, ranks within the five largest insurers in Quebec. Furthermore, in 2006, the company was awarded the title of Best Employer of the year, for the second time in four years, within the context of the Best Employer Challenge, large firms’ category. La Capitale General Insurance employs close to 800 individuals, providing services through a network of 22 branches throughout the province, in addition to a wide and exclusive network of affiliated agents. Including their wholly-owned subsidiary, L’Unique General Insurance, their total written premium volume now reaches 435 million dollars, placing La Capitale General Insurance as a sizeable leader in the damage insurance industry.

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