Whitehill Technologies releases IStream Publisher 4.1

New release of document issuance solution to help insurers write business more quickly

MONCTON, NB, Canada – March 1, 2007 – Whitehill Technologies today announced the release of IStream Publisher 4.1, a major new product release designed to help insurers write new business more quickly.

“Speed is a critical factor for today’s insurance companies,” said Jill Davidson, Product Manager, Whitehill Technologies, Inc. “IStream helps insurers accelerate the production of policies and other complex documents, letting them write new business faster than their competitors.”

IStream Publisher gives insurers complete control over document production and fulfillment. It includes pre-defined services for retrieval, assembly, rendering, delivery and storage, plus lets users define custom services. Publisher works with data from other systems, such as policy admin, underwriting and CRM systems, to create customer communications including policies, contracts, declarations and correspondence.

The latest release of IStream Publisher includes enhancements such as:

Addition of a comprehensive facility for testing that lets users implement, validate and authorize changes more quickly. XML schema validation to bullet-proof integration with other systems. Support for all Windows print drivers to provide maximum flexibility for creating print output. Built-in status reports (including processing results, performance results and error tracking) to assist users in managing their environment.

Improved operational support so that when volumes peak, servers can be added to the distributed framework in just minutes, without slowing or halting the work in process.

Additional support for Microsoft SQL 2005, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and IBM MQ Series 6.0.2.

“Whitehill is the only software vendor that provides insurers with a complete, end-to-end document automation solution,” said Neil Betteridge, Vice President of Marketing, Whitehill Technologies, Inc. “These enhancements to the IStream suite will further improve speed-to-market, giving Whitehill’s customers a competitive advantage.”

About Whitehill Technologies, Inc.

Whitehill Technologies, Inc. develops and implements document and compliance automation solutions that help customers accelerate key business processes. More than 1,000 customers in 45 countries have used Whitehill software, including half the largest 100 insurers in North America and two thirds of the largest 250 law firms in the world. Headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Whitehill is a privately held company with more than 200 employees in Canada, the United States and the UK. For more information, please call 1-888-944-8344 or visit www.whitehilltech.com.