NewLink launches the VistaT insurance, wealth management and banking enterprise business framework on the Microsoft VisioT platform

NewLink Group Inc. announces the launch of the VistaT insurance, wealth management and banking enterprise business framework on the Microsoft VisioT platform. NewLink has documented more than 500 business functions in VisioT, ready to be used by organizations during process definition, process improvement or business requirement projects.

The VistaT Service Oriented Architecture framework – Enterprise Business Model is a knowledge framework for managing, planning, designing, developing and implementing processes and technology for the insurance, wealth management and banking industries. VistaT covers the full breadth of the business managed in an enterprise. The VistaT Enterprise Business Model includes a definition for each of the 500 business functions, the data structure managed by the business functions and a map describing the relationships between the business functions and the data.

VistaT’s knowledge base is a result of more than 50 years of industry related expertise, 10 years of direct modeling effort, and represents the best practice approaches found in 8 different countries. VistaT encompasses such concepts as: segmenting target markets, improving the product development process, managing customer relationships, cross-selling products, maximizing distribution channel effectiveness, managing the life cycle of contracts, measuring business success, and supporting business functions with appropriate technology.

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