ACORD President & CEO Gregory A. Maciag Launches Blog

PEARL RIVER, NY – February 7, 2007 – PEARL RIVER, NY – Recently launched, is a new blog from ACORD President and CEO Gregory A. Maciag enabling two-way communication with the association leader. The blog lets people see, and respond to, what’s on Mr. Maciag’s mind.

The blog was created as yet another vehicle for ACORD ( and its members to speak directly with each other and all industry participants. The CEO Blog will provide personal insights on recent developments within the company and the industry as well as any news events with direct impact on standards and insurance.

“ACORD is committed to communication and my blog is another avenue for reaching out and connecting with people. I encourage people to visit and let me know what’s on their minds,” said Mr. Maciag. “I believe in leveraging all the technologies at our disposal to communicate – from email to video on demand to building an interactive, intuitive website and even to more in depth communications through books.” Mr. Maciag published his first book The Business Information Revolution in 2005 and is currently working on a new book.

As reported by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, “the blog population has grown to about 12 million American adults, or about 8% of adult internet users and that the number of blog readers has jumped to 57 million American adults, or 39% of the online population.”

However, a search of the Internet shows that a blog allowing visitors to speak directly to a CEO is still a rarity and even rarer within the insurance industry. In fact, TheNewPR.Com reports only 272 worldwide as of January 17, 2007.

Topics on thus far have ranged from ACORD activities and members to industry meetings and world events. Photographs and videos enhance the blog experience as do links to other ACORD resources and other Web sites of interest.

ACORD is continuing to utilize blogs as another vehicle for getting information to key constituencies. In addition to this public blog, ACORD is launching others to reach specific groups such as the standards community leadership.