NewLink partners with BusinessGenetics to offer the Vista™ insurance and wealth management models using their business modeling approach

February 5, 2007 – Toronto ON – – NewLink Group Inc., a management consulting firm servicing the financial services industry, has partnered with BusinessGenetics to incorporate the Vista™ Insurance and Wealth Management best practice models in their revolutionary xBML business modeling approach.

xBML provides a comprehensive view of your business, one that depicts the precise, complex relationship between your operations, information, resources, and technology. It enables you to make informed and quantitative decisions. The approach has enabled organizations of all sizes, across many industries, to quickly and effectively solve some of the most complex business problems.

Backed by the unmatched depth and flexibility of Vista™ and by NewLink�s business knowledge, BusinessGenetics can offer solutions specific to the Insurance and Wealth Management industry.

The xBML approach is comprised of a language for describing business and a set of knowledge harvesting and business solution methods, supported by a suite of software solutions. Using Vista™, you can encapsulate the entire operations of financial services organizations in a single, consistent, comprehensive model, including all the pertinent business facts and relationships. xBML provides everything you need to understand, manage, and improve your business.

Vista™ contains comprehensive industry business knowledge and provides structured functional and data models to support various types of business and IT projects. Vista™ allows organizations to rapidly start and complete projects. The bottom line is quality at lower costs.

The Vista™ knowledge base is a result of more than 60 years of industry related expertise, 10 years of direct modeling efforts, and represents the best practice approaches found in 8 different countries.

Vista™ is comprised of the following models:

  • Vista™ Service Oriented Architecture � Enterprise Business Model for insurance and wealth management
  • Vista™ Business Requirements Reference Models
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Policy/Contract Management
    • Claims Management

About NewLink Group

NewLink Group is a leading financial services industry consulting company. NewLink�s breadth of experience and services include business and IT strategy, distribution channel effectiveness, industry benchmarking, product development, business and IT architecture, business requirements, IT solutions, management of change, business implementation and project management. Our consultants bring in-depth financial industry business management, consulting, and information technology expertise and knowledge to our clients. For more information, contact Pierre Gagne at 416-410-1271 or at [email protected] or visit

About BusinessGenetics

BusinessGenetics pioneered the eXtended Business Modeling Language (xBML), a revolutionary business modeling methodology that provides a new, scientific view of the business world and enables a quantum leap in business understanding, insights, and improvement. Developed over a 30 year period, xBML is business-facing and enables the most explicit, rapid, and repeatable depiction of a business in a 5-dimensional model. xBML has been proven in over 500 projects within the Fortune 500 and Federal Government, and has been used to quickly and effectively solve some of the most complex business problems. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, BusinessGenetics offers consulting services and training based on xBML, and is an affiliate of xBML Innovations. For more information contact Cedric Tyler at 720.266.1024 or visit

BusinessGenetics is a registered trademark, and Extended Business Modeling Language and xBML are trademarks, of BusinessGenetics.