Unifund Assurance and Johnson Inc. offer two new benefits

St. John’s, Nfld., Jan. 16, 2007 – Unifund Assurance Company and Johnson Inc. have announced two new benefits: Personal Internet and Identity Theft Coverage and Legal Assistance.

Personal Internet and Identity Theft Coverage is available immediately to all Unifund policyholders across Canada who currently have or purchase Preferred Service Home Plus (PS-Home Plus), and Legal Assistance is available immediately to all Ontario planholders who have or purchase PS-Home Plus ‘Platinum’. PS-Home Plus and PS-Home Plus ‘Platinum’ planholders will receive these benefits at no additional charge to their current level of premiums.

Ken Bennett, Johnson Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Identity theft is becoming an increasing problem in Canada with recent reports indicating that two million Canadians have been affected by this crime. The process of cleaning up the mess left behind by identity theft can be overwhelming and stressful for the victim. This is where our ID Theft Coverage can be of assistance.”

The Personal Internet and Identity Theft benefit provides up to $30,000 coverage for either a PS-Home Plus planholder or their spouse residing in the same household who suffers from a stolen identity event. This coverage provides financial support for: reasonable costs incurred in Canada for refiling applications for loans, credit cards and credit reports as well as any necessary documentation; long-distance calls; postage; lost wages due to time taken off work to correct records; and legal (including criminal) defense fees and expenses arising from the event.

“In addition to our new Personal Internet and Identity Theft benefit, we are pleased to offer the benefit of Legal Assistance to PS-Home Plus ‘Platinum’ planholders,” said Bennett. “Having access to legal information can be helpful during many instances throughout a person’s life and provide peace of mind.”

Legal Assistance provides PS-Home Plus ‘Platinum’ planholders in Ontario with access to a team of qualified, experienced, bilingual lawyers who can provide helpful, strictly confidential, personal legal information. A Legal Assist Hot Line is available (Tel: 877-345-7978). This service is unlimited and does not affect the client’s claims record.

Unifund Assurance Company and Johnson Inc. are part of the Johnson Corporation. Headquartered in St. John’s, Nfld., the company is a national organization with 52 branches across the country. Alberta-based Morgex Insurance Group Ltd. is also part of The Johnson Corporation and will be offering the ID Theft benefit to its PS-Home Plus planholders. Since 1997, The Johnson Corporation has been an autonomous member of Royal & SunAlliance Group of Companies (R&SA).