IBM confirms 15 years of technological advancement for MDI and billion in potential saving for the consumers

Laval on January 13 2007, MDI is proud to take note that IBM analysts describe their « Suite» of service as the ideal business model with which the insurance industry could renew themselves but more importantly as a solution to reduce operating costs, and this for the benefit of the consumers.

More than 7, 5 $ Billion are spent annually simply to cover the cost of managing group benefits insurance. The suite of service is the first UNIVERSAL CLIENT CENTRIC COLLABORATIVE WEB solution that guarantees group benefits insurance saving by simplifying the management processes perfectly reflecting the new model of businesses proposed by IBM. The MDI professionals estimate that when the solution is universally implemented some 4$ Billion annually could be saved this is more than 250$ per individual.

“The � IBM Institute for Business Value study � titled � Insurance 2020: Innovating beyond old models � report dated May 23rd 2006, is an incredible endorsement of our 10 years of R&D and millions in investments” says Mr. Richard Sirois, president and CEO of MDI. “With the evolution of the WEB technologies, MDI undertook in 2000 a total revision of the group benefits management processes and adapted these changes to its original Allegroupe software that was on the market since 1995. We put aside all the traditional paradigms of operations and reinvented each process to capitalize on the potential of emergent technologies. The report presented by the IBM professionals precisely reflects the objectives and the challenges on which our professionals invested themselves for years. In fact, MDI could hardly have better described its project than the actual IBM report” to add Mr. Sirois.

The technological and financial risks necessary to carry out its project were important. But the results are concrete. The IBM report which presents the ideal business model for 2020 attributes 15 years of technology leadership. MDI customers case studies show that the business works extremely well financially as an MDI customer succeeded in saving annually more than 500$ per employee.

All the participants including insurers, professional benefits advisors/actuaries, sponsors/employers/trade unions/governments, health care providers and professionals profit from this new opportunity. The largest gains will obviously go to the sponsor and therefore the consumers. We expect the sponsor to become the principal promoter of the new technology available. proposes the service in SAAS (Software As A Service) mode simplifying the processes of implementation/integration and ensuring of new levels of effectiveness, saving as well as improving management of the group insurance.

To fully appreciate the importance of the innovation of MDI, one can compare the solution for the management of the group benefits with the revolution of the ATM brought to the banking operations.

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to obtain a more detailed description comparing the IBM report with the actual MDI solution or to obtain an access to the full IBM report. MDI is a software firm exclusively dedicated to the insurance industry. In operation since 1983 and certified ISO 9001:1996 since December 1998, MDI is specialized in process optimization, improvement of efficiency and aim at reducing human interventions. MDI deliveries of best of breed product and superior process efficiency were recognized by peers. Prestigious awards were presented to MDI by highly regarded organization for both their INNOVATION as well as their B2B ELECTRONIC COMMERCE IMPLEMENTATION.

MDI does not sell insurance, nor do they offer benefits consultation, TPA or TPP services. The services are exclusively based on a SAAS solution that will reduce operating cost and improve profit for users. This solution provides all the tools to manage every aspect of group benefits insurance management: Administration, Claims Adjudication and Sales/Market Evaluation processes. offers collaborative tools that manage every aspect of group benefits insurance. The solution is available to carriers, professional group benefits advisors, actuaries, TPA, TPP, plan sponsor, plan members as well as all the health professional or service providers.