Canada Heats Up!

Finally, breaking the ice with Internet shoppers to the north.

DECEMBER 21, 2006 – “Canadian Internet users are a bit of a conundrum,” says Jeffrey Grau, eMarketer senior analyst and the author the new Canada B2C E-Commerce report. “They are world leaders in broadband Internet uptake, time spent online and electronic banking and bill paying. They are also equal to or ahead of their US counterparts in their propensity to purchase retail services online such as travel and event tickets.”

He shakes his head, “Yet when it comes to buying products, Canadians prefer to use the Internet to browse and inform their purchase decisions prior to buying in store � not online.”

In 2006, 68% of Canadian Internet users ages 18 and older were online shoppers, defined by eMarketer as those who browse, research or compare products online but do not necessarily purchase online.

By 2009, nearly three out of four adult Internet users will be online shoppers.

But the situation is, at long last, changing. Canadian online shoppers are becoming online buyers in increasing numbers.

“We are estimating that this year more than half (53%) of Canadian Internet users ages 18 and older will make at least one online purchase,” says Mr. Grau.

In fact, Canadians are poised to double their online spending for retail goods from $8 billion in 2006 to $16 billion by 2009.

“Canadians spend so much time online,” says Mr. Grau, “it’s inevitable that they start spending money, too.”

To understand the dynamics driving this shift in attitudes and behavior, read eMarketer’s new Canada B2C E-Commerce report today.

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