Allstate Insurance Company and MADD Canada team up again to remind Canadians to drive sober through the holiday season

MARKHAM, ON, Dec. 19 – Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is once again serving as the title sponsor for MADD Canada’s annual holiday season public awareness campaign for safe and sober travel — the 2006 Project Red Ribbon. This year marks the 19th consecutive year that Allstate has served as title sponsor.

“Allstate is extremely proud to be partnering with MADD Canada again to get the message out and raise awareness about safe and sober driving this holiday season,” said Mike Donoghue, President and CEO. “Promoting safe and sober driving isn’t just a partnership between MADD Canada and Allstate. It’s a partnership between every driver on the road.”

Allstate has provided $10,000 annually to support Project Red Ribbon and has taken the lead in distributing red ribbon materials nationally. For example, Allstate provided ribbons, posters, and coin boxes to every one of its 440 agents right across Canada. In addition, over 30,000 Allstate customers will receive red ribbon materials throughout the holiday season.

“It’s great to be partners again. We would not have been able to do the things we have done with Project Red Ribbon if it wasn’t for the unwavering support of Allstate,” says MADD Canada’s CEO Andrew Murie. “Over the last two decades, MADD Canada’s red ribbon has become a significant statement for a person’s personal commitment to sober driving. Allstate has helped us take this important message from a seasonal campaign to a year-round initiative.”

In addition to Project Red Ribbon, Allstate also supports a number of other educational initiatives focused on promoting safe and sober driving throughout the year, including; MADD Canada’s multi-media presentation to high-school students; the Signs of Summer campaign; the Strides for Change walk-a-thon raising awareness in New Brunswick; and most recently, the release of the Youth and Impaired Driving in Canada: Opportunities for Progress research study. Allstate also supports MADD Canada’s newsletter, MADDMATTERS, and sponsors information booklets on social liability of party hosts and the alcohol their guests consume.

“As insurance professionals, we unfortunately see the devastating impact that impaired driving can have on individuals and families,” Donoghue said. “That is why we will continue to be a strong advocate against drinking and driving and we will continue to support MADD Canada’s efforts to educate Canadians about the dangers that exist around every corner.”