PMI Canada and Solidifi Sign Agreement for Collateral Analytics Software

TORONTO, Dec. 7 2006 — Solidifi Inc. and PMI Mortgage Insurance Company Canada, the subsidiary of The PMI Group, Inc. (NYSE: PMI) that, subject to regulatory approval, will soon offer mortgage insurance in Canada, announced today they have signed a Letter of Intent to develop customized real estate valuation software to be used by PMI Canada.

Subject to the conclusion of a contract, PMI Canada will engage Solidifi to provide collateral assessment analytics software and services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its valuation tools in the marketplace. These services will assist PMI Canada in providing rapid response to mortgage insurance requests from Canadian lending institutions.

“PMI has a long and successful history in providing innovative mortgage insurance solutions globally. Solidifi’s collateral assessment solution is a key element in our growing operations capabilities and will support our commitment to bring more choices to Canadian customers,” said Janet Martin, Managing Director, PMI Canada.

“Solidifi has assembled a dynamic team of individuals with exceptional global and Canadian experience in automating real estate valuations including traditional appraisals and automated valuation models,” said Jason Smith, President & Chief Executive Officer, Solidifi. “We are proud to have a global leader such as PMI as a key collateral assessment solution customer.”

Solidifi’s platform, Solidifi Values(TM), provides mortgage lenders and insurers with a platform that automates the complex appraisal ordering and management process, provides access to automated valuation models, and facilitates the processing of data analytics.

In May, PMI announced it had filed an application with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions to write mortgage insurance in Canada. It is currently building its Canadian team and recently named the Board of Directors of PMI Canada.

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