SGI: Message boards will alert drivers of poor road conditions

Nov. 9, 2006 – Motorists will now be alerted of poor driving conditions on Regina’s Ring Road and Highway #1 bypass thanks to new message boards stationed beside the roadway in four different locations.

The boards, which are remotely activated, have changeable messages that can warn drivers of potential hazards such as icy conditions, poor visibility or traffic delays due to collisions or roadwork.

The project is a joint partnership between SGI, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation and the City of Regina.

“Poor driving conditions are a contributing factor in more than half of the crashes that occur on the Ring Road and Highway #1 bypass each year,” Minister responsible for SGI Glenn Hagel said. “These signs will provide motorists with timely safety messages that will help keep them safe on this busy, high-speed roadway.”

“This new tool will complement our department’s Highway Hotline, which updates current driving conditions throughout Saskatchewan. Both of these tools will give motorists even more information to help safely plan their journeys,” Highways and Transportation Minister Eldon Lautermilch said.

“Driver safety requires knowledge of road conditions. I’m pleased SGI and Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation are funding these variable message signs. We’ll now be able to instantly alert motorists to icy conditions, accidents and other traffic hazards. This knowledge will prevent collisions and possible tragedies,” Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco said

The City will be responsible for operating the message boards, and will judge the need to activate the boards based on reports from road crews, highway workers, Regina Police Service and other Emergency Services personnel. The message boards will remain blank for the majority of the time they aren’t needed, in order to ensure motorists don’t become acclimatized to them. During the summer when driving conditions are good, the boards will occasionally be used to display other safety messages.

The boards are located:

  1. Eastbound on Highway #1 bypass between Albert St. and Wascana Parkway.

  2. Southbound on Highway #1 bypass between Arcola Ave. and Assiniboia Ave.

  3. Northbound on Ring Road between Victoria Ave. and Dewdney Ave.

  4. Eastbound on Ring Road west of the Broad St. bridge.

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