High Availability P&C Solutions

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Tritech�s “Virtual P&C Insurance Solution Centre” provides a complete Internet-based P&C solution. This outsourced solution is flexible and easily managed by your business analysts. Tritech�s General Insurance Management System (GIMS) is an Enterprise End-to-End solution that fully automates your workflow and supports all lines of business in Canada and the United States.

The Outsourcing solution is based on the latest Intel multi-core fault tolerant platforms with automatic failover configurations to provide non stop operations. The Fusepoint Data Centre provides 24 x 7 operations. Secure and redundant accesses are provided to your users keeping the system available at all times.

Key GIMS Features

  • Agent and Client self-service portals
  • Policy underwriting
  • Billing and collections
  • Claims management
  • Reinsurance management
  • Automated workflow diaries
  • Document issuance (incl. checks)
  • Rules engine
  • Legal archive
  • Management reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Bureau filing (IBC, NAIC, ISO)

Policy Types Supported

  • Commercial Auto
  • Specialty lines (CPP & BOP)
  • Commercial Property & Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Auto
  • Non-Standard Auto
  • Personal Property & Liability
  • Farm & Country Estate

The Outsourcing solution runs at Fusepoint�s five 9’s World Class Co-location facility with a Hot Site backup at Tritech�s Data Centre. This provides a superior level of service, with fully equipped facilities to keep our clients running in all situations. We back up our Outsourcing services with a 99.5% up time guarantee. To view an overview of this World class data centre follow this link: http://www.trifin.com/pdf/datacenter.pdf

Tritech�s P&C Solutions are continually viewed as best of breed, as evidenced by Celent�s review of Personal and Commercial Lines P&C Solutions: http://www.trifin.com/pdf/celent2005.pdf

About Tritech:

Tritech provides P&C systems for clients in Canada and the USA, supporting in-house and outsourcing implementations. Tritech has a highly experienced team that have implemented over 20 insurance companies supporting all lines of business. More information at www.trifin.com.

About Fusepoint:

Fusepoint Managed Services is a leading provider of managed IT solutions for companies with applications that demand the highest levels of security and availability. Founded in 1999, Fusepoint has offices and data centres in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. Through our proven record of success we have built a loyal customer base and developed solid strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Bell Canada, Microsoft, SUN, Cisco, Dell, Oracle and HP. More information at www.fusepoint.com.