Latest Eastbridge Report Examines the Voluntary Term Life Market

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (October 17, 2006)�Life plans are a mainstay in virtually every carrier�s voluntary product portfolio, and life insurance is the most frequently sold voluntary product. Term life sales alone accounted for almost 15 percent of all voluntary sales in 2005, out selling UL/WL by a margin of almost two to one, according to Eastbridge�s U.S. Worksite Sales Study.

With so many carriers and plans out there, competition is fierce. Carriers must stay abreast of the offerings in the market (including product features and underwriting) in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

The 2006 Voluntary Term Life Products Spotlight Report is designed to help carriers better understand the competitive landscape around the term plans sold at the worksite. The report includes data from 19 different carriers active in the market and data on both group and individual platform plans. For each carrier, we report on (as it relates to term):

  • Product features, including product type, minimum/maximum face amount, available riders, etc.

  • Underwriting guidelines/eligibility parameters

  • Pricing

  • Commissions

The cost of the report is $2,000. Click here to view more information, including a table of contents for the report, on the Eastbridge website.

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