Cell Phone Use While Driving: Does It Increase The Likelihood Of an Accident?

October, 2006 – Insurers Financial Group offers the following advisory.

The Problem:

The National Safety Council in the United States and a British study conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory found cell phone use while driving significantly reduces driving performance-even hands free. The latter study went further to elude that the study groups with cell phones had worse results than impaired drivers. These results seem to comport with the assertions that driving and talking is multi-tasking and brain activation is substantially decreased when these two tasks are performed simultaneously.

Employer’s Liability:

Whether you subscribe to the study results or not, what is clear is that employers can be held jointly and severally liable for an employee’s negligence in the performance of their duties including the operation of an automobile-company or personal vehicle. The liability link could be strengthened if the company supplies the cell phone and/or airtime.

What Can You Do?

The proactive response would be the implementation of a cell phone policy for the purposes of:

  1. detailing appropriate use, including alternatives and emergencies

  2. distribution and acknowledgement by all drivers

  3. driver education and training

Legislators in New York State and Newfoundland are already wary of cell-related auto accidents and have prohibited the use of hand-held phones. With mounting societal disdain similar to impaired driving or seat belt violations, it won’t be long before other jurisdictions pass similar laws.

Insurers Financial Group.

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