What’s Your Business Really Worth?

What’s Your Business Really Worth?

October, 2006 – Balance Sheets have been the typical financial instrument to determine the wealth of a company, depicting tangible assets and their ascribed values. The value of a company begins with the sum of all physical assets. In other words, we measure and value what we can see!

There is an emerging trend that puts emphasis on the development of intellectual property as the key for growth. The focus of a company’s competitive advantage shifts from competitive pricing to the strength of its brand.

So what are your brand assets? Let’s have a look.

  • Your corporate logo
  • Your corporate reputation (inside and out)
  • Your intellectual property rights: patents, trademarks, trade names, designs or models, know-how and trade secrets

Does your current growth plans include the development and protection of these assets? Successful businesses have answered in the affirmative and have achieved better returns on investment and sustained prosperity.

The answers to the what’s and the why’s may be more readily apparent than the how’s. Implementing a branding strategy will require a unifying purpose of management and employees.

For more information, please attend our complimentary educational seminar, “Unlocking the Real Value in Your Business – You are Wealthier Than You Think!”

Partners in Risk Client Seminar
Sheraton Parkway – Toronto North,
Richmond Hill
October 17, 2006
8:30 am until 12:00 noon

Please register in advance, and for more information about the seminar, by emailing Anna Colandrea, Corporate Risk Relations [email protected]

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