CompuOffice Announces Availability of Multi-language Support for WinQuote

RICHMOND HILL, ON � September 26, 2006: WinQuote,, is now enhanced for use in multiple languages. Currently available languages include English, French, Spanish and Italian. Work is progressing nicely toward the addition of other commonly used languages.

WinQuote is Canada�s leading independent consumer resource for life insurance cost research and comparisons. WinQuote includes the largest number of companies, as well as the largest number and range of products. WinQuote�s facilities include options to research and compare premium costs for single lives, joint lives (first and second to die), as well as Multi-Life® cost optimizations. Consumers can use WinQuote to research and compare costs based on any of the four premium payment options � annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly.

The WinQuote consumer resource also includes useful financial tools and financial needs analysis functions. Consumers use the WinQuote resource in total anonymity and are not asked for any identifying information. For consumers who wish to find a professional life insurance advisor, WinQuote also provides a postal-code searchable database that includes thousands of insurance and financial advisors coast to coast. Listings are free to qualifying financial advisors.

Customizable versions of WinQuote are also available for inclusion in the websites of individual insurance advisors as well as to MGA offices. Custom versions of WinQuote are used for web-based life insurance research by numerous advisors and MGA offices including Canada�s largest MGAs and leading advisors.

The inclusion of language options is designed to further enhance the benefits of WinQuote for consumers and for the life insurance profession as a whole.

About WinQuote

WinQuote is designed, maintained and enhanced by Canada�s leading independent multiple company life insurance research and comparison software firm, CompuOffice Software Inc. with headquarters located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. More at