Novinsoft Announces New Illustration System Tools Roll-out

25 September 2006 — Novinsoft Inc., at their Annual Meeting in Montreal last week, announced the roll-out of new Illustration System Tools – opening up areas of the application to enable client companies to customize and maintain their own Illustration Systems. Some Novinsoft Illustration Framework Tools (NIFT) are currently available, while some are now under development � to be released in 2007.

NIFT Tools now available include:

  • New Rate Table and Plan Code Utility � This is a new approach to rate tables; allowing rate and header information to be directly downloaded from the administration system for use with either New Business or In-Force Illustration Systems. Client companies can analyze the header information and produce or modify application tables automatically.

  • XML Parameterization – Simple business rules, validations, defaults, helps etc. have all been externalized to XML for client company maintenance and customization.

NIFT Client Tools rolling out in 2007:

  • Complex Business Rules Engine

  • Report Designer

  • Dynamic Data Power Point Presentations

About Novinsoft

Novinsoft, a Canadian company, is a leading developer of New Business and In-Force Life and Health Illustration Systems, Needs Analyses and Sales Concepts. More information at