First DxCG Web-Enabled Predictive Modeling DM Estimator™Tool

BOSTON, Sept. 25, 2006 – DxCG®, Inc, the leading provider of predictive modeling software for health care organizations, today introduced DM Estimator™, a new web-enabled calculation tool that estimates potential cost savings from disease management. DM Estimator is the first web-enabled predictive modeling calculator from DxCG that uses the Diagnostic Cost Group (DCG) methodology to calculate the occurrence of disease for disease management planning and evaluation.

DM Estimator approximates the potential for savings based on a managed care population’s demographics, geographic location, estimated disease burden, and intervention approach. The DM Estimator can be used as a reference tool by health care organizations to evaluate existing disease management programs or their population’s participation level for a possible disease management program. DxCG’s DM Estimator is the only calculator available in the market that uses the Diagnostic Cost Group (DCG) methodology and benchmark data to understand a population’s disease rate.

“The DM Estimator is intended to help organizations evaluate the potential for disease management savings when administrative claims data is not available,” said Anju Joglekar, Ph.D., senior scientist at DxCG. “We wanted to design a tool that would allow clients to evaluate the cost effectiveness of implementing a disease management program based on a variety of assumptions,” continued Joglekar. DM Estimator is a ‘what if’ calculator and the precision of the estimates depends on the amount of information that users provide about their population, Joglekar explained, adding, “The power of the tool is that you can tailor it to a specific population.”

Pricing and Availability

DxCG’s DM Estimator is the only calculator available in the market that uses the Diagnostic Cost Group (DCG) methods and benchmark data to evaluate a population’s disease burden. The DM Estimator is available directly from the DxCG Web site for a license fee. Visit www.dxcg.com for more information.

About DxCG, Inc.

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