Updated Eastbridge Report Examines the Worksite Market

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (September 20, 2006)-The worksite/voluntary market has grown significantly over the past five or so years. But the last three years have shown slower growth. In 2005, the market grew at just over three percent with sales of just over $4.366 billion. Despite this slow-down in growth, many companies in the market continue to grow at double-digit rates.

Eastbridge’s 2006 Worksite Marketing Industry Snapshot and Competitor Profiles Spotlight Report examines the worksite marketplace; specifically, sales, inforce premium, and product trends. In addition, the report provides a competitive analysis of 14 key players in the worksite market. Each profile includes the following information (where information is available):

  • Business Profile-Corporate structure, years in worksite business, financial results/ratings, number of employees in worksite
  • Marketing-Importance of worksite business, percent of overall business, average case size, target markets
  • Distribution-Channels, commissions, enrollment/re-enrollment method
  • Products-Platform, products offered, percentage of business
  • Operations-Administration, service, technology
  • Strengths and Weaknesses-Company’s strengths relative to competitors, areas of weakness

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