Bar code addition boosts batch scanning efficiency in latest Applied Systems major product releases

Technology company issues first TAM, Vision general releases in new product development cycle

University Park , IL – September 18, 2006 – Applied Systems makes a CSR�s work more efficient with bar coding to enhance the batch scanning document management function in the company�s newest agency management system major releases issued today.

The bar code addition to batch scanning in The Agency Manager ® (TAM) 8.0 and The Agency Manager ® Vision Series™ 4.0 further advances a paperless culture for independent insurance agents and brokers. The technology allows a CSR to make necessary notes on incoming mail or printed documents, generate a bar code with client information, then pass on the documents to be scanned and attached directly to client files.

�This new standard feature allows a CSR to touch a piece of paper only once before it becomes part of the client file,� said Applied Systems Product Manager Tracy Ustinov. �The time savings proves dramatic for the largest part of our customer base. Our beta testers were wholly enthusiastic about the addition of bar coding, which allows them to convert administrative time to customer-service time.�

The TAM and Vision general releases are the first since Applied Systems announced a revised product development process that generates major product releases on a regular annual schedule. With the new process, executives said, the software is continually improved, and customers know when to expect new versions. Applied Systems also released the newest version of 24/7 customer service solution InScope ®. Desktop faxing solution fax@vantage ® 5.0 will be released very soon.

Broker download now available

With the new TAM and Vision releases also comes the availability of broker download, allowing for download traditionally sent by carriers to brokers or carrier service centers to also be sent simultaneously to corresponding retail agencies.

�With this functionality, the many efficiencies provided by traditional policy download are now attainable by all parties to a transaction,� said Applied Systems Product Manager Kathie Tomachek-Cox. �This is another significant advancement in our ongoing enhancement of carrier-agency communication.�

Vision 4.0 also allows users to import a client�s list of certificate holders directly into the agency management system, eliminating the need to re-key data. Users can also export the list at renewal for ease in updating certificate holder information.

In addition, Vision 4.0 provides for producer/broker reconciliation by way of a component that delivers a new reconciliation program. The component, not part of standard Vision software, is available as add-on functionality for Vision 4.0.

About Applied Systems, Inc.

Applied Systems, Inc. is the world leader in insurance agency and broker management system software. The company develops and supports products and services for accounting, customer, policy, claims management, and all related agency functions. More than 125,000 users in 10,000 agencies of every size and complexity level use Applied Systems technology and services. The company leads the industry in agency/carrier real-time and batch communication solutions. Applied Systems automates insurance transactions at every distribution level from consumer through carrier, providing technical support and professional services to maximize customers� return on investment.