CompuOffice Adds Multilingual Capabilities to QuotesOnTap

QuotesOnTap, North America’s leading independent multiple company software for comparison of life insurance on PDA devices is now enhanced with multilingual capabilities

CompuOffice Software pleased to introduce further enhancements to the innovative QuotesOnTap software for quotation and comparison of life insurance products on PDA devices. Introducing another first for such software, QuotesOnTap is now multilingual, with provisions for use of the software in English and other languages, as well as for instant user selection and change of language. The first additional language that is included and implemented is French. Italian, Spanish and other languages are in the process of being added, and will also be included with upcoming updates.

The QuotesOnTap software is an independent software module for use on PDA devices. It is included with the leading LifeGuide and CompeteUS software systems for the benefit of all subscribers to these advanced professional systems. The software is easily installed and updated using the PDA�s native synchronization utilities and is conveniently self-contained on the PDA device.

Designed and written for use by consumer interest focused life insurance advisors, QuotesOnTap includes detailed information and advanced capabilities to quote and compare hundreds of life insurance offerings by the largest number of life insurance companies. In addition to insurance product quotations and comparisons in all four premium payment modes, QuotesOnTap also provides product summaries, initial and renewal premium schedules, and detailed stated underwriting evidence requirements for each product. Additional functions and benefits, including such functions as detailed yearly death benefit amounts of �indexed� products, etc. are also provided by the QuotesOnTap PDA software.

While QuotesOnTap is the most advanced independently produced multiple company PDA software for comparisons and quotations of life insurance products, it is intuitive and very easy to use. The new enhancements to this software, including its multilingual facilities, further increase the wide service and competitive advantage enjoyed by LifeGuide and CompeteUS subscribers.

QuotesOnTap is included free of charge for all subscribers to the LifeGuide Professional Software in Canada and for all subscribers to the CompeteUS software in the United States. Customized versions of QuotesOnTap are also available to life insurers and MGA firms in both countries.

�It is and has always been our commitment to provide our software subscribers with a wide and ever increasing consumer service and competitive advantage.� said Ami Maishlish, VP Insurance & Financial Software of CompuOffice Software Inc, the creators of the QuotesOnTap PDA software. �Since, in addition to English, a significant number of consumers in North America may prefer French or other languages, it is natural that consumer-interest oriented life insurance software needs to also accommodate the needs of consumers who may be more fluent in languages other than English. It is simple common sense to recognize the importance and benefits of effective and clear communication in any context, and particularly in the context of advisor-client relationship.� he added.

About CompuOffice Software Inc.

Founded in 1989 as a partnership and incorporated in 1992, CompuOffice Software Inc. is a leading and rapidly growing independent custom and specialty software firm. The firm�s Insurance & Financial Software division produces the most advanced and most comprehensive independent multiple company life insurance research, quotation and information software. Among others, the firm�s insurance and financial software products include the highly regarded and most widely used LifeGuide professional software for Canada, the CompeteUS professional software for the US as well as well as QuotesOnTap and the web based WinQuote systems. The firm�s Insurance and Financial Software division also produces custom insurance quotation and presentation software for individual insurance companies. The firm�s software experts and software associates bring a wealth of experience, innovation, professionalism and value.