LIMRA Training Program Targets Improved Recruiting and Selection

Windsor, CT, August 2, 2006 – Retention of new agents continues to languish near record-low levels, but companies can learn how to beat those poor averages and outperform competitors by using a new field management training program from LIMRA International.

“The historic low level of career agent retention is really a critical issue for the life industry,” said Bob Kerzner, president and CEO of LIMRA. “Yet some companies consistently manage to outperform the industry average. Part of that is because their field managers know how to build a strong team through recruiting and selection of new agents. It’s a powerful skill, and our training can help managers do it better.”

The new program, Recruiting and Selection in the 21st Century, is based on LIMRA’s research into the best practices of companies successful in recruiting and retention, both in financial services and other industries.

Companies can offer the program online through Pinpoint Global Communications in a traditional classroom setting or in a combination of the two. Pinpoint’s Web-based technology gives users convenient 24/7 access to the program and its online tools.

“Online, on-demand training is increasingly important in our multitasking culture, where people need maximum flexibility,” Kerzner said. “Pinpoint Global is a leader in this growing delivery system and has partnered with us to create an outstanding program.”

The Recruiting and Selection in the 21st Century program assists managers in understanding the key components in developing and executing a comprehensive recruiting plan. The program will arm sales managers with tools to develop an effective plan, including market trends, time-proven techniques for sourcing job candidates, and advice from industry experts on how to hire the best talent.

“LIMRA’s Recruiting and Selection in the 21st Century program recognizes the reality that companies must consider many qualified recruits to make just one good hire,” said Bob Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of Pinpoint Global. “Pinpoint’s online implementation of the program will provide sales managers instant access to the information, and tips and techniques essential to building and successfully executing a reality-based recruiting plan.”

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