Eastbridge Study Finds Employee Benefit Brokers Lead in Worksite Sales

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (July 25, 2006)-According to Eastbridge Consulting Group�s seventh annual U.S. Worksite Study, employee benefit brokers again claimed the largest percentage of worksite sales in 2005 of any single producer segment. This is the third year in a row for this segment to increase its share of total sales. The following chart shows the share of sales for each segment:

  2005 2004 2003
EE Benefit 42% 36% 34%
Classic 13% 13% 19%
Specialist 8% 8% 10%
Occasional 8% 8% 4%
Multi-Line 3% 3% 7%
Career Agents 26% 28% 25%

“In addition to seeing their share of sales increase, the employee benefit broker segment saw a 21 percent increase in total sales from 2004 to 2005,� says Bonnie Brazzell, vice president, Eastbridge. Most other segments remained fairly stable.

�We are seeing more sales from those brokers for whom worksite is a secondary line than from those who concentrate on worksite,� comments Gil Lowerre, president of Eastbridge. �In 2005, those who focus on worksite wrote 47 percent of the sales while non-worksite producers wrote 53 percent.�

The U.S. Worksite Study is conducted annually by Eastbridge Consulting Group. All participants receive a free copy of the study�s findings, including company-specific results. For information about participating in next year�s study, send an email to at [email protected] or phone the company at (860) 676-9633.

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