ING Insurance says responsible drivers in N.B. shouldn’t be penalized for bad luck

MONCTON, NB, July 5, 2006 – One bad day behind the wheel does not make you a bad driver. And, if an accident does happen, you should not be afraid to make an insurance claim. These beliefs are at the core of ING Insurance’s Responsible Driver Guarantee, an innovative offer to New Brunswick drivers.

The ING Responsible Driver Guarantee was created to provide peace of mind the first time a driver has an at-fault accident. ING Insurance customers, who buy their insurance through independent brokers, can submit a claim with the knowledge that their premiums and good driver rating will remain unchanged as a result of this accident. Why? Because ING Insurance believes you shouldn’t be penalized for having bad luck and you should not be afraid of making a claim. “And, contrary to other products currently available on the market, if you have a second accident, we will treat it as if it was your first,” said Alan Blair, Chief Operating Officer of ING Canada for the Atlantic Region. “It’s as if the accident never happened. Customers will even keep their claims-free renewal discount!”

According to Blair, insurance should bring peace of mind, and ING Insurance strives to meet this expectation with offers such as its Responsible Driver Guarantee.

This protection is available to qualifying drivers who have been continuously licensed and accident-free for seven years or more. The ING Responsible Driver Guarantee, which is now available to New Brunswick drivers, is offered through ING Insurance’s network of insurance brokers for $3.33 a month; any qualified driver who has been protected by ING Insurance for five years or more will automatically benefit from this advantage free of charge.

Another advantage offered by ING Insurance is its ING Claims Service Guarantee: policyholders who are involved in an accident and need to make an emergency claim can call any time, 24/7, and will be put in touch with an ING Insurance representative within 30 minutes — guaranteed. If not, ING will send them a cheque for the amount of their annual premium up to $1,000.

Policyholders also have access to a number of ING-approved repair experts in their community, whose work ING Insurance guarantees. If the job isn’t done right, the company will pay to have their car repaired again, at no charge to them.

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